Chicken is always a mealtime favourite. So, whether you’re in the mood for some crunchy breaded goujons or a succulent breast joint, you’ll find them freshly frozen and at brilliant prices.

Poppin Chicken

per pack89p 210g, £4.24 per kg

4 Chicken Steaks

per pack£1.50 380g, £3.95 per kg

Chicken Nuggets/Dippers

per pack£1.50 450g, £3.33 per kg

Chicken Goujons

per pack£1.50 320g, £4.69 per kg

4 Chicken Kievs

per pack£1.75 500g, £3.50 per kg

Sliced Chicken Breast Pieces

per pack£1.89 340g, £5.56 per kg

4 Chicken Fillets

per pack£2 400g, £5.00 per kg

Basted/Stuffed Chicken Joint

per pack£2.49 560g, £4.45 per kg

Premium Chicken Breast Fillets

per pack£3.49 700g, £4.99 per kg

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