Aldi in full bloom

You’d be amazed at the range of flowers and plants you can find in your local Aldi. We have an impressive collection in store every day, and when it comes to special occasions, that’s when we really grow into our own. Click below to find out more.

How to make a gift bouquet

A gift bouquet is easy to make and always appreciated. All you need to start arranging is your flowers and foliage (grouped by type), scissors, a clean surface and a length of twine ready to tie them. Then follow our handy step-by-step guide from Instagram influencer Ashlee Jane @the_suffolk_nest, to help you create a beautiful bouquet.


  • Step 1

    Trim off excess foliage, outer petals of roses and snip all stems about an inch up at an angle using sharp scissors. Leave these to have a good drink in fresh, clean water for up to 24 hours.
  • Step 2

    Choose 3 stems of your best and biggest flowers and cross the stems over each other in a spiral. Use one hand to hold these firmly. These will form the middle of your bouquet.
  • Step 3

    Continue to add your flowers by turning the bouquet to build a circular shape whilst holding it together with your other hand. Aim to have your flowers at a similar height at this point.
  • Step 4

    Keep checking you’re happy by looking at it from all angles. Remove and add flowers as necessary and angle your outer flowers slightly lower than the others to give it that dome bouquet shape.
  • Step 5

    Tie the stems together securely using the length of twine. Trim the stems to all be the same length using sharp scissors, cut at a 45° angle.
  • Step 6

    To wrap your bouquet, cut 2 lengths of brown paper and fold these both at an angle to create 2 peaks
  • Step 7

    Place your bouquet in the middle of one of the sheets of paper and tape the 2 ends securely together.
  • Step 8

    Place the bouquet over the second piece of paper, ensuring the peaks are evenly spaced and then secure with some tape.
  • Step 9

    All that’s left to do is write a card to accompany your beautiful gifting bouquet, which you’ve created thanks to these simple steps from Ashlee Jane @the_suffolk_nest.

Growing standards across the world

From working with Fairtrade growers and suppliers across Britain, to winning multiple awards for our collection, we work hard to raise standards and deliver amazing flowers to you. Find out how the money you spend on Fairtrade roses goes directly to helping Ethiopian flower workers and their families.

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Bunch of awards

Our dedication to delivering the best flowers recently won us the Floral Retailer of the Year award at the FPC Fresh Awards. So, if you’re looking for a blooming amazing bunch of flowers or a decorative plant, you should probably start at Aldi.