Make your celebrations amazing with a Methuselah or Jeroboam bottle of Prosecco

We’re going big on Prosecco this Christmas, and we mean big! That’s because, along with all the amazing bottles you’d expect from Aldi, this year we’ve added a jaw dropping Jeroboam and a mammoth Methuselah bottle. Order yours online from 14 November and wow your party guests.

  • What is a Jeroboam bottle?
  • The first thing you should know about a Jeroboam bottle is that it contains 3 litres of sparkling prosecco! That’s one large bottle of Prosecco – containing the same as 4 regular bottles!

Hints and tips

  • The excitement of pouring a 6 litre bottle of Prosecco might start to wear off when your arms are getting tired. Instead, try to use glass decanters to serve the sparkling wine to your guests.
  • A bottle this big won’t fit into any normal household fridge, so you’ll have to find somewhere else to keep it cold. Try the garage if you have one or the biggest bucket of ice you can find.
  • Methuselah bottles are born for parties. Set this somewhere people can see it this Christmas and you’ll have every guest in your home lining up for a glass and a picture.

More festive fizz

For bottles that aren’t so big but just as impressive, we have an amazing range of Proseccos available this Christmas and New Year, including the ginormous Jeroboam which is equal to 6 standard bottles! Order your party drinks today. 

Methuselah and Jeroboam bottles are limited to one purchase per customer.

Prosecco Christmas Cocktails

Buying a larger bottle of Prosecco means you’ll have more to pour, so why not try making these tasty Christmas cocktails to keep things fresh for your guests.