Shopping at Aldi just got even better

You inspired us! We asked you about all the things you thought would make a better shop and we made them happen through Project Fresh. So, thanks to you (and a little £300million investment) your local Aldi can now boast amazing things, like brighter, wider aisles, extra space for fresh fruit and veg right at the front of the store, chilled and food-to-go ranges, simpler layouts and improved fixtures. Find out what we’ve been up to…


  • Fresh, fresh, fresh
  • Our amazing range of fresh fruit and veg is now right at the front of the shop and much of it is sourced from Britain. It means that our customers get all the healthy, fresh inspiration they need as soon as they walk in the door.

We’re more customer friendly

We believe that Aldi value and quality is unbeatable, and wanted to make sure your shopping experience is too. So, as part of Project Fresh, we asked more than 50,000 shoppers to tell us how we could improve our stores. And here’s 3 ways we’ve done just that.

  • Dedicated Health & Beauty section

    Everyone we asked said they wanted a dedicated section for award-winning health and beauty products. So, we put them all in one easy-to-shop place.

  • More space for fresh British meat

    We’ve increased chiller space in all our stores to meet demand for freshly sourced British products, such as beef, pork, lamb and chicken.

  • Handy ‘Food to Go’ section

    Looking to pop in and pick up something delicious for lunch without the hassle? You can now enjoy a new and improved ‘Food to Go’ section right at the front of the store.

  • Award-winning wines and spirits
  • Customers can now browse our incredible range of wines and spirits with ease thanks to new displays located at the back of the store. There are also clearer sign posts to our award-winning bottles.
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Improved in-store experience

Here’s a few more of the big and small changes you’ll find in your local Project Fresh store to help make every visit easier, quicker and more pleasant for you and your family.

  • More room to move about
  • You can’t beat a good layout with wider aisles. We’ve made sure our new stores give you more space to move about, meaning more room for trolleys, wheelchairs and mobility scooters. It also helps both customers in a rush and customers doing the big shop.