Fruity and luxurious, this tangy cocktail is sure to impress at parties.

  • Serves: 4 people
  • Prep time: 5 minutes
    • British

    Roasted Pineapple Schnapps

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    300ml Oscar's Peach Schnapps

    ½ fresh Pineapple

    Juice of 1 lime

    500ml Del Rivo Pineapple Juice

    Fresh Mint leaves

    Gianni’s Ice Cubes


    Cut the pineapple into slices – either griddle them or put them on the barbeque until they are charred.

    Meanwhile, put the Schnapps into a large jug, add the charred hot pineapple to the Schnapps, add some mint leaves and allow it to infuse for 30 minutes.

    Then pour in the pineapple and lime juice and plenty of ice cubes and serve.

    For a longer drink add 500ml Vive Lemonade.

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