Gingerbread flavoured cocktail with VS Cognac and Triple Sec.

  • British

Sleigh Ride

Recipe Information

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50ml Chevalier VS Cognac

25ml Specially Selected Triple Sec

3 scoops Specially Selected Gingerbread ice cream



1. Scoop out the three balls of ice cream and place in a small cocktail glass. Place back into freezer until needed

2. Stir the Chevalier and Triple Sec together over ice before straining into small carafe

3. Remove frozen ice cream from freezer and place in a small bowl

4. Pour over the ice cream and serve

Decoration / to serve

The ice cream can be pre-scooped ahead of time and taken out of the freezer when needed. Serve with lemon popping candy to add extra festive sparkle

Tasting notes

The combination of frozen ice cream, cognac and triple sec make the Sleigh Ride the perfect drink to follow Christmas dinner. The spicy kick of the gingerbread ice cream brings out the rich aromatic flavours of the cognac and the sweet orange undertones of the triple sec – a real Christmas showstopper!

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