Explore recipes in the Christmas cookbook!

If you like cooking Christmas dishes from scratch, allow us to join you in the kitchen for some festive fun and flavour. With our brilliant recipes and expert tips we’ll show you what to buy, how to cook and how to serve something truly amazing. Here’s a few classics to get you started before you move onto the rest of the recipes and even some cheeky Christmas cocktails!

Ultimate Christmas sides

Make any meal better this festive season with homemade sides and trimmings. With baked cauliflower, loaded roasties and vegan pigs in blankets, our cookbook is bursting with all the mouthwatering dishes you’d expect to see and a few surprises too.


Sweet ideas for Christmas

It’s the season for treating yourself so why not try these two tasty recipes. The first is a delicious red velvet brownie you can share with family and the second is a perfect fruity cocktail you don’t have to share if you don’t want to.

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Classic Christmas recipes

Once you’ve mastered the bigger meals and sides, turn to some classics and make them just like Mum used to. They’re so simple that you can whip these up today.

Do more with leftovers!

The fun isn’t over when the main meals have been served. Take those delicious leftovers and make even better meals over the festive season! We can show you how it’s done with our amazing leftover recipes.


 Top-rated recipes


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Dietary lifestyle inspiration

With our amazing range of recipes, we’ve catered for every diet and food preference! So, whether you’re vegetarian or vegan, gluten free or dairy free, or you just want healthy meals and organic options, we’ve got loads of tasty ideas you’ll like. Take a look.

More Christmas ideas…

Discover more exciting Christmas food and drink ideas across Aldi. There’s something for everyone to enjoy across the festive season.