Premium skin care for less.

We all want smoother, bright, younger-looking skin. And that’s exactly what our award-winning Lacura® Caviar range has been offering our customers since it launched in 2015. The range now offers many more luxurious beauty treatments for a fraction of the price of premium brands. Here’s a glimpse of our incredible collection.



Miracle ingredients – brilliantly beautiful results.

Our Lacura® Caviar Illumination collection has 2 very special and powerful active ingredients – caviar extract and snow algae. They are rich with protein, vitamins and minerals that are great for those who want to combat signs of ageing, moisture loss and provide a smooth and bright appearance.


  • Caviar
  • Caviar is a powerful, anti-ageing ingredient that helps moisturise your skin throughout the day. The Night Cream helps to promote skin restructuring and plumping out any fine lines, leaving you with a youthful and radiant appearance.
  • Snow algae
  • Snow algae promotes collagen production in the skin. By using these products daily, your skin will become smoother, creating a perfect base for any foundation. Your make-up will sit flawlessly on top of a smooth base with the Caviar Illumination creams.


The secrets of great skin.

 In order to get the most out of the collection follow this easy step-by-step guide.


  • Step 1 –⁠ Cleanse

    Using your fingertips, take a 20 pence piece amount of cleanser and gently massage into your face and then rinse off.

  • Step 2 –⁠ Apply Lacura® face serum

    Apply your favourite Lacura serum to your face working from the centre outwards. Move in gentle circular motions.

  • Step 3 –⁠ Moisturise face and neck

    Take a small amount of moisturiser and gently massage into your face and neck in upward motions.

What others are saying.

One thing’s for sure, our Caviar collection continues to reign supreme in terms of bagging a beauty bargain. And, with an average review of 4.8/5, it seems our customers are happy with more than just the price. But don’t take our word for it. Here’s a few beautiful reviews.

Affordable anti-ageing skin care.

Looking and feeling radiant is all about taking time for you and your skin. Which is why we’ve got the perfect at-home serums and moisturisers in our beauty range. Just the thing to help your skin feel brighter, younger and hydrated every single day.

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