Gender pay gap

Our success is thanks to the dedication, commitment, and hard work of our 45,000 amazing colleagues. 

Offering our fantastic team fair and equitable pay is non-negotiable and is why we’re proud to be the UK’s best paying supermarket, having announced a new rate for hourly paid colleagues in March 2024.

It’s also why we’re continuously looking for new ways to eradicate inequality wherever it exists.

At Aldi, our colleagues’ pay depends solely on the type of work they do and how long they have worked for us.  A new Store Assistant, for example, will earn a market-leading hourly rate of at least £12.40 an hour (£13.55 inside the M25) which rises according to length of service. Like all roles at Aldi, we pay men and women exactly the same for doing the same job. 


Gender pay gap vs. equal pay gap

What’s the difference?

It’s important to distinguish between the gender pay gap and equal pay as the two
are often confused.


What is Aldi’s gender pay gap?

Aldi’s mean gender pay gap is 9.15% and our median is 8.35%.


Aldi gender pay by quartiles

As part of the gender pay gap reporting process, employers are required to split their workforce into four groups based on pay, and to show the proportion of male and female colleagues in each quartile.

While we have reduced our overall pay gap significantly since records began in 2017, we know we still have more work to do and are always looking for new ways to make careers at Aldi even more inclusive.  We have a number of longer-term initiatives, including our accelerate and mentoring programmes, in place to help more women access senior roles at Aldi.



Bonus Pay

The mean bonus gap between men and women at Aldi was 22.21% and the median gap was 0% in 2023, compared with 7.2% and 0% in 2022.


Our commitment to closing the gap

Our pay structure is completely gender-neutral, but we know there is always more we can do, and we are fully committed to continuing to close our gender pay gap.

We rigorously track gender representation at all levels of our business, enabling us to identify where new initiatives will have the most impact. Using this intelligence, we are delivering many exciting programmes to attract, retain and support women at Aldi. 

For example, all of our colleagues at Executive Manager level have received dedicated diversity and inclusivity training to empower them to better identify and tackle important issues like unconscious bias. 

Our Female Mentoring Programme has been underway since 2021 and is helping us to identify ways to improve female representation at senior levels, and in turn, reducing our gender pay gap. We’ve introduced paid leave for women undergoing fertility treatment and have an ongoing programme of menopause awareness initiatives including support guides, webinars, and a menopause colleague hub.

We’re focused on further developing our flexible work offering and have rolled out a new transparent career progression process to our Store Operations and Logistics Teams to track all types of diversity more effectively across these two areas of our business. 

Beyond the gender pay gap, we recognise the importance of diversity and inclusion and understand the need to reflect all of the communities we serve, as well as providing more support to minority and under-represented groups.

Our colleagues are the best in the sector and they play a huge part in making Aldi what it is today.

James Hutcheson, Managing Director of National Finance and Administration