Keep your family safe with Lacura Suncare

Aldi’s Lacura suncare range comes with 5-star protection in cream and spray choices. For more ideas on how to protect your family from harmful UV rays, follow our expert advice and enjoy a safe holiday no matter where you go.


5-star protection

Every product in our Lacura range comes with the maximum 5-star protection needed to safely enjoy the sun. Whether you want suntan lotion or spray sunscreen and sunblock, we have products to keep you safe.


Higher is better

To give yourself the most protection from UVA radiation, always pick products that have a 5-star rating and try to choose creams and sprays with an SPF rating above 30.

Give it time

Sunscreen works best once the skin has absorbed it. So, apply generously and allow 20-30 minutes before you go out.

Find the shade

Remember to break up your time in the sun with moments in the shade. Find a shaded spot to spend a few minutes in.

Keep covered

Wearing the right clothes is a great way to protect your skin from UVA damage. This means hats, tshirts, and UV sunglasses. Pick up all the holiday essentials in our Specialbuys range.

Happy holiday skin in 3 simple steps

  • 3 golden rules for sunny day safety
  • Carry a small bottle of sunscreen with you so you don’t get caught out on a sunny day. Drink plenty of water to keep yourself and your skin hydrated. Always apply aftersun after being outside, it helps soothe UV damaged skin nicely.

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