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Mob are amazing at making affordable recipes taste better than they should and have inspired people to get back in the kitchen. Last year we loved creating affordable and delicious dishes with Mob so much that we’ve decided to team up with the master cooks again to bring you even more great quality meals for less.

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  • Triple Chocolate Gloop
  • For the chocolate lovers! Created with our friends at MOB, this deliciously smooth, festive dessert is wonderfully chocolatey and creamy. Blended with our Ballycastle flavour liqueurs and a cheeky whiskey kick too, it’s the perfect festive meal finisher.
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  • Bacon, Brie & Blueberry French Toastie
  • Mob has really got us feeling festive with this Bacon, Brie & Blueberry French Toastie recipe! Fancy trying a tangy toastie to get those festive juices flowing? Discover the full recipe online now.
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