Delivering fresh, quality Scottish meat

We’re committed to working with the best Scottish producers. Producers who maintain high quality animal welfare practices when producing the meats you love. Their knowledge and passion means they continue to champion sustainable practices and allow us to offer you the best quality Scottish meat for your weekly shop.

  • Scotch Beef
  • Scottish Pork
  • Scottish Chicken

Amazing Scotch Beef

Scotch Beef is specially selected beef from Scotland, sourced from selected Scottish farms that must adopt best practice regarding animal welfare and natural production methods. We believe that our selection method leads to the best beef for taste and quality. The GI (Geographic Origin) is your guarantee of a genuinely authentic product.

Top quality Scottish pork

Aldi are proud that all our fresh Scottish pork is sourced from Scottish farms with the highest welfare standards. From mouthwatering centrepieces to everyday essentials, we stock Aldi Scotland stores with delicious, tender products day in day out.

  • Specially Selected Pork
  • Sourced from farms approved by the Scottish SPCA, Specially Selected Pork comes from specific animals on selected farms that adopt best practice standards for animal welfare and natural production.
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100% Scottish Chicken

From drumsticks to whole birds, look for the label. We work with our amazing Scottish producers to source the best-tasting poultry from local farms, and we’re committed to supporting them – just like you are.