Fruit and Vegetables

Fruit and vegetables are essential to a healthy diet. Experts recommend that we eat at least five portions of fruit and vegetables every day. At the moment only one in five of us achieve this. [National Diet and Nutrition Survey (NDNS) 2014]
ALDI continues to recognise the importance of affordable fruit and vegetables to our customers. We proved this by becoming an early signatory to the Responsibility Deal Fruit and Vegetables Pledge to promote, advertise and package fruit and vegetables in a way that encourages customer consumption.
We have run our flagship fortnightly ‘Super 6’ Fruit and Vegetable offer promoting healthier products through our fortnightly leaflet, via Facebook and other social media channels since 2006. It’s a smart, simple offer enabling all our customers to live healthier lifestyles and enjoy the broad range of nutritional benefits fresh produce provides. 
In 2015, Aldi UK and Ireland sold 35 million apples through this specific initiative, the equivalent to the population of Australia and Belgium combined.
We continue to review our Super 6 fruit and vegetable offer and regularly add new lines to ensure customers enjoy health benefits across a wider range of products.