Packaging and Waste

Packaging materials have a significant impact on the environment from their manufacture to disposal and at Aldi we follow the principles of reduce, reuse and recycle.

We have a number of goals and commitments on packaging, including:

• We are signatories to Courtauld 2025, a voluntary industry commitment which aims to reduce the environmental impact of food and drink waste along the whole chain from farm to consumer, including packaging waste

• Courtauld 2025 builds on the achievements of Courtauld Commitment 3, to which Aldi was also a signatory, and which ended in 2015. As part of that commitment we saw a relative reduction in our packaging of 11% from 2012 to 2015.

• By the end of 2020, our pulp-based packaging material will be sourced from forests which are certified according to the FSC or PEFC scheme or made of recycled material

• All our own-label products must be labelled with the correct recycle logos to help customers recycle more at home.

We record the packaging weight of all our products to identify hot spots and ways in which to reduce our packaging. We have also worked to increase the number of products that are transported in reusable containers, such as returnable crates, thereby reducing the need for cardboard boxes.

As part of Courtauld 2025 we will work to:

• Implement packaging weight reductions and optimisation

• Develop innovative packaging solutions to prolong shelf life of product

• Include on-pack storage advice and reuse hints and tips to help customers waste less at home

• Introduce material substitutions to increase the recyclability of packaging