Welcome to the Aldiploma Module 4 – Essential Red Grape Varieties

Now you’ve mastered white grapes, it’s time to move on to the reds in Module 4 of the Aldiploma. From Pinot to Merlot, this module has been designed with our resident wine expert Sam Caporn to teach you everything you need about red grape varieties and how red wine is made.

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Take the Aldi wine tour – A journey through Aldi’s most amazing wines

Think of this as a case-by-case education in wine. To enjoy the full Aldiploma experience we recommend you sip and savour a whole range of wonderful wines while you make your way through each module. Order your case today.

Join Aldi’s wonderful world of wine

Here at Aldi we love great wine. You can meet our Mistress of Wine, Sam Caporn, discover our collection of classic wine icons and become the wine buff you always wanted to be with our Aldiploma.