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When it comes to wines and spirits, your first port of call has to be Aldi. We have an amazing range of wines and spirits to suit every taste, including a superb selection of craft gins. You can enjoy award-winners and even try our delicious cocktail recipes. Even better, you can order your wines or spirits online and mix and match your choice. Cheers!

  • McQueen's Colour Changing Gin
  • Guaranteed to bring a little theatre to gin o’clock, McQueen’s Gin is distilled with the blue petals of the Asian butterfly flower. Serve with a slice of lime and frozen berries.
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Our Favourites

What’s your favourite tipple?

Whatever it is, you’ll find it at Aldi. Our range of award-winning spirits and wines are legendary. Together with a host of tasting notes from The Mistress of Wine, your summer drinks are all taken care of!

Cocktail Recipes

For a refreshing summer twist, why not try one of our amazing cocktail recipes with your spirits below. Delicious!