The Aldi Detox Commitment

The start of positive change

In 2015, the Aldi South Group, together with 80 other international fashion retailers, committed to the goals of Greenpeace’s Detox Initiative. Through a process of substitution and elimination, we have significantly reduced the use of hazardous chemicals in our textile and footwear production.

Managing our supply chain

By working with teams from across the whole group, we set ambitious standards and introduced comprehensive chemical management across all tiers in the supply chain. This has led to improved wastewater and sludge testing results, and an increased treatment of factory wastewater. A highly efficient overview of our supply chain also enables us to support strategic production facilities to meet our requirements.

Promoting a more sustainable future

We will continue to increase the scope of our work to address further environmental impacts, ranging from strengthening our commitment to more sustainable material sourcing, to raising awareness of opportunities to buy more economically. This means that we will promote more sustainable production processes and products to enable our customers to consume in an eco-friendly way.

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