Inspiring the next generation to eat healthily

One of the most important aspects of our partnership is the success of the Get Set to Eat Fresh initiative, an engaging and inspiring programme focused on educating children aged 5-14 on the importance of a balanced diet, teaching them how to cook healthy food for themselves. So far, we’ve reached over 810,000 young people - and that number is rising! A big thanks to the help and dedication of our Team GB ambassadors, we are now well on our way to our target of reaching 1.2 million young people by 2020.


Get Set with Team GB

If you really want your kids to get excited about healthy eating, then let them learn from the experts. Our Team GB ambassadors have used all their passion and experience to help create flexible, curriculum-linked content so that parents and teachers will find it easy to inspire young people to lead active lifestyles and eat healthy balanced diets.

Get your school involved

Join us today and Get Set to Eat Fresh. Explore our wide menu topics from cooking, nutrition and science to crop production, international food and cultures and inspire kids to eat well with Team GB.

Back to school

Bring Olympic Champions into the classroom with our exclusive videos featuring Team GB athletes, including triathletes The Brownlee Brothers.

Skills for life

Get set. Cook! Make food and cooking fun and easy to remember with a whole range of free materials, including films, lesson plans and online content. Your child will find it easy to learn about fresh, healthy foods and want to try all kinds of different recipes.

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