Switch up your cycling gear.

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  • Cycling Clothing
  • Don’t let your clothing hold you back. Take on your next ride in style with our amazing performance cycling gear. From quality rain jackets, jerseys, shorts and tights, our range has got you covered from head to toe.
  • Cycling Accessories
  • Take your next cycling experience up a gear with our quality range of bike accessories that every cyclist needs. Whether it’s a hydration rucksack or lightweight helmets, gear up with all the essentials you need. Hurry! Once they’re gone, they’re gone.
  • Cycling Maintenance
  • Keep your bike running smoothly with our range of cleaning equipment. Whether it’s a grime banishing cleaning kit or maintaining punctures, your bike will be as good as new. Take care of your bike today at amazing prices.

Taking up cycling

Cycling can bring fun, fitness and family together. Check out why we like cycling so much below and why we think you should get on the seat and try it.

Cycling for health and fitness

Regular physical activity can help protect you from serious health problems and regularly riding a bike is a great way to get active. Not only is cycling a fun and affordable way to exercise, but it’s also a low-impact and a great muscle workout that can be enjoyed by people of all ages.

Family time

Cycling has seen a surge in popularity since 2020. More families are getting outside, exploring new paths and discovering their neighbourhoods for the first time. It’s a great way for everyone to spend time together and switch off from screens and homelife. Give it a go with your family if you haven’t yet.

On track to fitness

If you’re looking to get fit and shake off the cobwebs, cycling is a brilliant way to get moving. It helps clear your mind, lose weight and gives you a sense of achievement at the end. Take it easy to begin with and enjoy the ride. Before you know it, you’ll be building up speed and distance.

Fun and fresh air

Since we were kids, we all loved to ride our bikes. Find that feeling again and do it for the fun. It’s great for getting you away from your work and putting you outside in the fresh air. You could even share the passion with your friends and neighbours to bring more community into your life if you felt like it. See where it takes you.

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