Making a difference to communities in Africa

In June 2016, Aldi became the first UK supermarket to team up with Farm Africa, an international development charity.

Aldi supported the Growing Futures Project from 2016 until 2022, donating over £420,000 throughout the partnership. The Growing Futures project aimed to support young farmers in rural western Kenya to build resilience to climate change and improve the quality of their fresh produce. The project reduced poverty and youth unemployment and enabled young people to set up profitable enterprises.

The last stage of the project included the development of a bespoke packhouse with solar-powered cooling facilities The packhouse makes it easier for farmers to market their fresh produce and reduce post-harvest losses.

The pack house ensures higher produce quality, as well as seeing increased efficiency and reducing the transport costs incurred by export buyers delivering fresh produce to Nairobi.

  • Growing Futures
  • The project offered the chance for young farmers to escape the cycle of poverty and gave them the chance to grow and sell more crops, learn business development skills, earn an income and build a sustainable future for themselves and their communities.