What is a vegan diet?

A vegan diet means excluding products from your diet that come from animals. Not only does it mean eating no meat, it also means no eggs, dairy, honey, fish or gelatin. As an entirely plant-based diet, it consists of all the good stuff – plenty of fruit, vegetables, herbs, spices, beans, soy protein, grains and pasta (if it’s not made with eggs).

  • Our easy oat milk recipe
  • Homemade oat milk is a great dairy-free alternative. Simply blend a cup of rolled oats on high speed with 4 cups of water for up to 45 seconds. Then, use a fine mesh strainer, sieve, T-shirt or towel to strain.

Unexpectedly vegan!

It’s easy to eat vegan when you’ve got all the choices you need at your local supermarket. Especially when there are a few surprises thrown in there as well. Like our Peanut Butter, Belmont Ginger Nuts and Snackrite Bacon Rashers. There’s also plenty of Vegan wines to try, including our Exquisite Argentinian Malbec. Discover more vegan products in our online guide above.

Very tasty vegan recipes

Our Vegan Pancakes and Roasted Veggie Bowl recipes are a vegan’s dream. They’re full of fresh flavours and exciting ingredients you’ll look forward to.


Let’s cook vegan

From flapjacks and pancakes, to protein balls, bean chillis, veggie-packed curries and Buddha bowls, vegan recipes are some of the tastiest and healthiest you will find. Find a little inspiration right here in our vegan recipe collection.