Sustainable Cashew Nuts

As part of our FAIRER everyday mission, we have identified nuts as a high-priority supply chain and are committed to fostering fair working conditions and environmentally friendly production in the cultivation and processing of nuts.

We want to increase traceability of raw materials and improve the livelihoods and working conditions for workers along our nut supply chains. We are working collaboratively with our suppliers, multi-stakeholder initiatives, certification bodies and industry experts to strengthen our requirements for our nut products, focusing on addressing issues related to sustainability management, transparency and traceability, human rights and food safety.


Collaborating with Cashew Coast

We are excited to collaborate with Cashew Coast , who have been locally sourcing and processing cashew kernels in Ivory Coast since early 2019, to bring to store our African Cashews SpecialBuy.

  • Cashews are bought directly from local cooperatives.

  • They are processed by nearby communities.

  • Processing happens at origin creating a network of sustainable business relationships and fresher product.

  • Value is reinvested into the community and supports the financial independence of the predominantly female workforce.

Our Nut Supply Chain

Nut supply chains are highly complex and the production process for each nut type can vary significantly. If you would like to find out more about our long-term strategy for nut supply chains and how we hope to increase traceability of raw materials as well as improve the livelihoods and working conditions for workers along our supply chains, click here.