Meet K.W.Naylor & Son

We understand beautiful floral blooms can brighten up your day, so let us take five minutes to introduce you to one of our Daffodil suppliers, KW Naylor & Son.

Ken Naylor started growing flowers over 60 years ago in 1948. Since then the business has gone from strength to strength with his son and grandson; Nev and Matthew now managing the day-to-day business. Matthew even won the Young Grower of the Year award in 2003!

Everything is Daffodil and Dandy

Matthew and his team grow 40 varieties of Daffodils and Narcissus. Some of which include a selection of Ken’s original stocks as well as newer varieties like white, double and even pink daffodils. Yes, pink!

He and his team supply over 12 million Daffodil bulbs to Aldi every year. Wow, that’s a blooming big figure!

Did you know?

Daffodils and Tulips were introduced to the area by the Dutch in the 1800s when they came to England to drain more land, so the area has a rich heritage for flowering bulb growing. KW Naylor & Son is based in South Holland, an area of South Lincolnshire where the land was once reclaimed from the sea. This land is enriched with deep, silty soils, perfectly suited to cut flower production. Interesting isn’t it?

It’s a team effort

Matthew commends his company’s work relationship with Aldi. He says: “The buying team are bright, enthusiastic and have a great understanding of fresh produce. Their commitment to simple and clear trading gives us the confidence to invest for the future.”

It’s not hard to see that Matthew and his team take extreme pride in their Daffodil supply and we’re sure you’ll agree, a bunch of their blooms certainly brightens up the day.