Meet Lovania Nurseries

Allow us to take a time out to introduce one of our plant suppliers, Lovania nurseries.

A growing reputation

At Lovania, they are collecting bouquets all over the place. In The Grower 2016 Awards, they picked up Best Production Manager and Protected Ornamental Grower of the Year. They are accredited members of the British Ornamental Plant Producers association and hold Silver and Gold standard. We’re sure their success isn’t going to wither any time soon – they’ve introduced an apprentice scheme to grow the next generation of green-fingered winners.

From tiny seeds

Founded in 1980 by Len, Keith and Celanie Ball, the company originally started as a salad producer but diversified into ornamentals in 1998. Lovania Nurseries is a family orientated business with a tight knit staff, a lot of which are also families who have worked for them for years.

Working with Aldi

Lovania praise their relationship with us, saying: “Aldi are a dream customer to have, they are extremely fair. We have a mutual appreciation to deliver exceptional quality at a competitive price that in turn drives growth”.

Locally grown

Lovania Nurseries supply Aldi all year round. Their range has expanded significantly with the growth of Aldi to include bedding pot plants, bulbs, planters and hanging baskets, as well as hardy nursery stock such as Alpines, Heathers, Fruit Plants, Ornamental Grasses and Herbs. And the best bit is that they're all UK grown in West Lancashire.

Environmentally friendly

They’re currently installing a Biomass boiler, which will be used to heat their glasshouses so they can grow plants in a more environmentally friendly way. The rainwater that falls on their glasshouse roofs is collected and reused to water the plants. In fact, their main site operates totally on recycled water – impressive, eh?

Did you know?

Len Ball served on HMS Lovania in World War 2 and decided because the ship was not attacked and survived the war that he would name his business – and his tractor – after the ship!