We commit to continue promoting vegetables through the Aldi Super 6 campaign, where fruit and vegetables will be available at a lower price to the standard retail.

We will run monthly advertising campaigns to specifically promote vegetable consumption.

We commit to putting vegetables in higher footfall areas in our stores and dedicating more space to them.

We pledge to provide additional promotional space to vegetables, with the ambition of increasing consumption.

We aim to increase the amount of vegetables in our online recipes.

Already, 22% of all food or drink products sold at Aldi are fruits or vegetables and we are working to increase this even more by keeping to our pledges and commitments.

We have set a target to increase vegetable portions sold by 5% across own-brand products by the end of 2023 and have already achieved 3.8%.

We are already making fantastic progress towards these pledges and are always thinking of new ways in which we can do more!

Don’t miss the Super 6

Each week we take a selection of fruit and veg and cut the prices to make eating healthy even more affordable for families.

Very veggie recipes

These delicious homemade recipes might be made for vegetarians but everyone in your family will fall in love with the amazing flavours and fresh tastes. Try one tonight.