Our bakery shelves are chock full of a mouthwatering range of goodies from Geary’s Bakeries - a craft bakery, that’s been going since 1906 and that’s won more national championships than you could shake a French stick at… and more than any other craft bakery in the UK!

Like all our other bakery suppliers, Geary’s use great quality ingredients to make their loaves, rolls, baps and bloomers taste wholesome and delicious – just the way they should.

They’re unique because although they use loads of modern techniques that make them super-efficient, there are some things they hold dear and refuse to change.

For instance, they use British wheat flour and won’t add more yeast to their dough to speed up production as this can slow down digestion, instead they pre-prepare sponge doughs the night before resulting in less yeast requirement and as importantly delivering the fuller flavour of the bread without compromise.

So, you’ve got hungry mouths to feed and we’ve got beautiful, freshly-baked, great value gorgeousness delivered fresh in store every day, courtesy of Geary’s.