Meet Aldi’s Next Big Things

Say hello to our Next Big Things! They’ve battled it out on Channel 4 and have become the newest treat to be stocked on our shelves. Fancy checking out a winner? You’ll find them in store each week, so you can try them for yourself. But be quick, they’re only available for a limited time!

Each week, we see 6 food suppliers from confectionary and party to bakery and health food competing against each other to win the opportunity to sell their product in Aldi stores. Fancy trying the winning products? You’re in luck, you can find them in our Specialbuys aisle the next day and check out a winner!


Meet the judges

  • Anita Rani

    TV Presenter

  • Chris Bavin

    Fresh food retailer & presenter

  • Julie Ashfield

    Managing Director of Buying, Aldi

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