Bringing you quality products from across Scotland

When you shop at your local Aldi store, look out for the following marks on our packs as your guarantee that your favourite Scottish products are of the finest quality. Our everyday fresh beef and lamb range is 100% Scotch PGI & is available in all Scottish stores.

  • Best of Scotland
  • From beef to beer, salmon to shortbread, you can find over 400 quality products from the Best of Scotland range in our Scottish stores every day. These are proudly brought to you by more than 80 trusted suppliers from across Scotland.
  • Scotch Beef PGI
  • Do you know the difference between Scotch Beef PGI and Scottish beef? Scotch Beef PGI is whole chain assured and comes from specific animals born and reared in Scotland, and is fully traceable to selected Scottish farms.
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  • Scotch Lamb PGI
  • When you see a PGI badge with the Scotch Lamb logo you can be confident the meat comes from an animal that was born and reared its whole life in Scotland. Traceable, trusted and, we believe, the tastiest lamb in the world.
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  • Specially Selected Pork
  • All our fresh Scottish pork is sourced from farms approved by the Scottish SPCA. Specially Selected Pork comes from specific animals on selected farms adopting best practice standards for animal welfare and natural production.
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  • Marine Stewardship Council
  • This is your guarantee that a product has met the standard set for sustainable fishing. Only wild fish or seafood that can be traced back through the supply chain to a certified fishery can display the blue MSC ecolabel.
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  • Complete traceability from farm to fork
  • The power of DNA technology. DNA TraceBack® allows Aldi to confirm the exact animal of origin of all Specially Selected Scotch Aberdeen Angus Beef by matching the DNA of the beef with its animal of origin.
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