Make Christmas 2018 Amazing

Christmas is a time to amaze and inspire. We have luxurious foods, personal gift ideas like creating your own wine case, Christmas cards and incredible value Specialbuys. Plus, ideas for homemade Christmas decorations, fun games and Christmas activities. So, for a truly amazing quality Christmas, spend some time at Aldi.

Christmas Eve – Monday 24th December 2018

Christmas Day – Tuesday 25th December 2018

Boxing Day – Wednesday 26th December 2018

Specialbuys for extra special gifts

Our seasonal Specialbuys will inspire your gift giving for the festive season. We’ve everything from Christmas gifts for your friends and family to Christmas jumpers, fashion, gadgets and Christmas decorations for your home. Be prepared when we launch our Christmas activity by signing up for our newsletter below.

Toy Event

Don’t miss out on our Toy Event for great Christmas gift ideas, including amazing prices on big name favourites.


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  • Seasonal Range
  • Christmas is a time for luxurious food and we’ve plenty of ideas for 2018 that are sure to impress. Our Specially Selected Exquisite range, including such favourites as mince pies, smoked salmon and award-winning turkey, brings you a taste of luxury.

Everything you need for a fun-filled Christmas

From ideas for Christmas games to Christmas activities, we’re full of hints and tips to help you have fun and keep people entertained, plus don’t miss our inspiring Christmas craft ideas to give your home a more personal, festive feel this Christmas.

  • Christmas Games

    Christmas games are great family fun. Try drawing a snowman on a paper plate with a marker… only the plate must be on your head. Hilarious!
  • Christmas Activities

    Leave something out for Santa, get the kids to write him a letter to leave alongside some goodies. Traditionally it’s a carrot for Rudolph and a mince pie for Santa with a drink of your choice.

Create your own case

We’ve chosen some really special wines for your Christmas meals, entertaining and gift giving, but why not create your very own case? Our award-winning range has something for all tastes and a case with a bottle for everyone makes for an especially personal gift.

Christmas recipes

We’ve some sensational recipes, like our Christmas cake recipe, to make your Christmas the best tasting ever! We’ll be sharing them to help you jazz up your festive meals and bake some tempting seasonal snacks.