100% Fresh British Beef

    "I am rewarded for my cattle being farm assured, by meeting the high specifications.
    I'm proud to be an ALDI supplier and to be part of their 100% British beef campaign."
    Matthew Wright, Beef Farmer, Staffordshire

    Matthew is a third generation farmer on his family farm in Staffordshire. He has been producing Beef for Aldi for the last three years and is personally responsible for the day to day running of the business, feeding of the herd, general husbandry and selection of cattle. All of the cattle he rears are Farm Assured, this means that all of Matthew's beef that we sell can be traced back to his farm and that he meets the strict guidelines required meaning that the beef that you buy is of the highest quality and best of all reared here on our shores.

    We're very proud of the quality of our Severn Vale Premium Beef, sourced locally from British farmers like Matthew. Not only is it Farm Assured but it is also Quality approved by EBLEX.

    EBLEX is part of the Agriculture and Horticulture Development Board. They exist in order to enhance the profitability and sustainability of the English beef sector. Their aims are to help the beef meat supply chain become more efficient and to add value to the beef meat industry.

    Their Quality Standard schemes, launched in 2005, give us and ultimately our customers high levels of assurance about the meat they buy. Not only is Quality Standard beef produced to higher standards than required by law, the EBLEX scheme includes standards that positively influence the eating quality of beef.

    Below is our 100% fresh British Beef products. Look out for our recipe links to help create the perfect meal solutions.

Specially Selected Angus Gourmet Burgers

per pack£2.25 340g, £6.62 per kg

Specially Selected British Angus Mince

per pack£3.69 500g, £7.38 per kg

British Beef Roasting Joint

per kg£5.95 850g - 1.2kg, £5.95 per kg

British Beef Meatballs

per pack£1.69 360g, £4.69 per kg

British Beef Mince 20% Fat

per pack£1.85 500g, £3.70 per kg

British Beef Mince 12% Fat

per pack£2.59 500g, £5.18 per kg

British Beef Frying Steaks

per pack£2.99 360g, £8.31 per kg

Everyday Essentials British Beef Mince

£2.69 per pack£2.69 750g, £3.59 per kg

British Diced Beef

per pack£4.69 700g, £6.70 per kg

British Sirloin Steak 8oz

per pack£3.49 227g, £15.37 per kg

Specially Selected British Dry Aged Roasting Joint

per kg£9.99 800g-1.2kg, £9.99 per kg

British Rump Steak

per pack£3.49 283g, £12.33 per kg

Beef Mince 12% Fat

per pack£1.59 250g, £6.36 per kg

Ribeye Steak

per pack£3.49 227g, £15.37 per kg

Everyday Essentials Beef Frying Steaks 

per pack£2.47 385g, £6.42 per kg

British Diced Beef

per pack£4.49 700g, £6.41 per kg

British Lean Beef Mince

per pack£2.99 500g, £5.98 per kg

Beef Medallions Steak

per pack£3.29 340g, £9.68 per kg

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