Back to School begins at Aldi

The moment all parents have waited for is finally here! But before you send your kids back to school, take some time to learn about quick, healthy lunches, what to pack in their bag, and how to keep your children safe and clean day after day. There’s even amazing weeknight family meal recipes to enjoy too. Get your pens and paper ready!


Getting back into the school routine can be a stressful event at the best of times. But this year, you’ve got Aldi and our amazing tips to help guide you through the first days and weeks. Here’s 4 quick ones to get you started.

Lunchbox essentials

At Aldi, we’ll help you pack their lunchboxes with a healthy balanced meal, as well as their favourite treats and snacks – and all at prices to suit your family budget. Amazing!

A healthy start to the day

Get the good vibes going every morning with healthy breakfast for the family. They’re quick, delicious and just the boost you need. Enjoy!


Sending kids back to school will help their development and bring a few familiar routines back into their day. But, if you’re worried about how your little ones will handle it all, remembering these simple tips will make everything easier for you and them.


  • Schools have sanitiser and hand-washing available at all times. No need to send it in.

  • Give your children time to re-adjust. They may miss home schooling. Really!

  • Chat to them about what they think of the ‘new’ school.

  • Remind them to not share equipment and keep socially distanced.

Keep your kids clean in the home and out of it with our handy soaps, washing-up gels and more. Here’s just a few items you can find in your local Aldi. Pop in to see the full collection.

  • Don’t let your laundry habits ruin your family’s clothes. Our Almat range keeps your wardrobe favourites feeling soft and fresh even on a cold wash.
  • You might be going through a lot of handwash in your home, so choose our Lacura anti bac sensitive soap. It’s good for your hands and your weekly budget.
  • Kill the germs with a quick spray of disinfectant. It’s great for surfaces, for backpacks, for peace of mind. Sorted.
  • Our antibacterial washing up liquid makes easy work of lunchboxes. Use it every night and you won’t have to worry about germs gathering.

Brilliant back-to-school recipes

Discover a whole range of quick and easy mid-week family meals right here. From this tasty Slow Cooker Vegan Chilli to a crowd-pleasing Calzone Pizza Wrap and a delicious Turkey & Leek Pie. Seconds anyone?

Back to school? We’ve got everything covered.