Stay in great shape with our amazing fitness Specialbuys

Looking after your health doesn’t have to be expensive. Our regular fitness Specialbuys offer a great range of gym equipment, with everything you need for your new year fitness regime. There’s weightlifting and fitness gear, gym clothes, wearable fitness gadgets and gym bags…plus, our weekly Super 6 fruit and veg offers make it easy to eat well and stay healthy.


  • Fitness Equipment
  • From barbell sets, kettlebells & vibrating plates to sit up benches & sleep & heart rate monitors, we have all the equipment you need to get your new year home fitness routine off to the best start. All on sale from 31st December.
  • Fitness Clothing
  • From fitness trainers and vests to fitness leggings and swimsuits, our latest fitness event includes an amazing range of men's and women's gym clothing.

Tips for great health and fitness

Staying in great shape is about eating well and staying active. Here are some ways you can choose healthy food and make the most of your exercise.

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Every Sunday and Thursday, we announce our latest range of exclusive offers, which are available in store or online. Make sure you’re one of the first to know about our next batch of fitness Specialbuys, because once they’re gone, they’re gone. Sign up now.

 Eat well with these tasty recipes

Making healther choices doesn't mean sacrificing flavour. Try these delicious options and feel good all day.