Get in shape with our amazing fitness Specialbuys 

Fitness should be a priority all year round, whether you want to get more active, beat that PB, or run an extra mile, ALDI’s fitness Specialbuy’s are here to help. You’ll find everything you need for your work out – here are just some of the items that will help take your exercise to the next level.


  • Massage Roller
  • It’s like giving yourself a deep tissue massage at home! Available in nubbed or smooth versions, this massage roller helps relieve muscle pain, improve flexibility, increase circulation and relax muscles. Great before or after a workout.
  • Crane Kettlebell 10kg
  • Ideal for strength, weight and whole body workouts. This versatile Crane 10kg Kettlebell can be used for squats, kettlebell swings, rows, deadlifts and even mat exercises like Russian twists - a great addition to your home workout equipment.

Upgrade your workout

Take your fitness to the next level with our amazing range of strength, conditioning and endurance workout Specialbuys.

Fuel up for fitness

Making sure you eat healthily is just as important as exercise. Try these tasty ideas for before and after your workout.