Delicious chocolate at a mouth-watering price.

    Here’s a range of chocolate that’s so full of continental charm and elegance, it’s hard not to eat it all at once. It’s fine, rich and smooth. And the prices? Well, as ever, they’re a rather nice surprise, too.

Choceur Rum and Raisin Milk Chocolate Bar

each£1.19 200g, 59.5p per 100g

Fairtrade Belgian Chocolate

each99p 100g, 99p per 100g

Belgian Chocolate Waves

each£1.49 125g, £1.19 per 100g

Smooth White Chocolate

each99p 200g, 49.5p per 100g

Dark Hazelnut Chocolate

each£1.09 200g, 54.5p per 100g

Rich Almond Milk Chocolate

each£1.19 200g, 52.9p per 100g

Creamy Milk Chocolate

each99p 200g, 49.5p per 100g

Fruit & Nut Milk Chocolate

each99p 200g, 49.5p per 100g

Mini Chocolate Bars

each£1.25 5 x 40g, 62.5p per 100g

Hazelnut Heaven Bar

each49p 100g, 49p per 100g

Chocolate & Hazelnut Wafers

per pack£1.29 180g, 71.7p per 100g

Swiss Chocolate Bar

each89p 100g, 89p per 100g

Not all products may be available in Scottish stores. Click here to see more of our Scottish range.